It’s her film, not Tom Hardy’s nor director George Miller’s. This is the masculation of Charlize Theron. She’s completely, utterly, defeminized.

Mad Max is a spectacular movie.

Acrobats from Cirque de Soleil are unsung stars. Thereon is the center of attention. She steals the movie. She is the hero, not Tom Hardy who only helps her get what she wants. Hardy has a supporting role but the other players are more important.

WARNING: This movie has some filthy moments. If you are squeamish it’s not for you. Oversize women with breast pumps to provide milk is disgusting, like a camera in the toilet. That’s not art; it’s depredation but overlook that and some other low-minded ideas and go see this picture. Pay more to see it in 3D but make sure you know how many tickets are sold for the 3D performance because AMC Neshaminy didn’t have enough so they cancelled the 3D performance and gave you a free little bag of popcorn.

Mad Charlize Theron is “Furiosa”, a character who isn’t furious at all but no matter, the movie is a two hour chase scene. Thereon is turned into a guy. She has no femininity in the film. The fact that her role is played by a woman is irrelevant to the story or the action. It adds zilch, nada, zero. Leather pants, boots and all the rest of a mans’ outfit doesn’t suit Theron. She’s like Charlie for real but she’s best as Charlize.

Fury Road is about action and spectacle. It’s not about any relevant message at all. It’s worth seeing but intellectually it’s a waste of time. No matter. Go see it.

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