Rush said: “If Trump doesn’t have the 1,237 votes to get elected on the first ballot and the party tries to endorse someone else on the second or subsequent ballots that there will be a walkout.” Here’s where Rush is wrong. Not enough delegates will walk out because: “THE DELEGATES¬†ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT.” Write that down. It’s important for what comes later.

There are 2,472 delegates so 1,237 would have to walk out. If fewer than 1,237 walk out the remaining delegates can endorse a different candidate. What’s the possibility that will happen? Almost zero. Why? Because all of the delegates are ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS. Establishment Republicans are controlled by the non-Trump Establishment and the Establishment still has their power even when they lose. The “Registered Republican Voters” think their vote counts in an election but their votes only count in a government election, not a party election.¬†The so-called Primary Election is not a government election. The November election is a government election where the winners win a government position.

Why didn’t Limbaugh mention that? Well, ….maybe because he want’s to save it for later. Maybe he knows it but want’s to hold it back so he doesn’t get in too much trouble with the Establishment. Look what the Establishment did to Glenn Beck who was widely popular on FOX until Rodger Ailes got rid of him and Rush is a close friend of Ailes because Ailes got Rush a big break decades ago.

Here’s the dirty secret of the American Political Process.
The voters only count in a real election.

A Primary is only an Establishment Party Election. The Party, not the government, is in complete charge of the Primary, The government only loans the voting system to the parties for the Party Primary. The parties succeeded in getting the taxpayers to pay for their private party election.

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