The Pellegrino administration wants to pave three miles of roads in Northampton in 2014 and micro-surface 3 miles of roads in 2014 but there is no list of the roads. That’s an indicator of a manager focused on getting a budget approved not on explaining what will be done. If no one questions his statements, his budget is approved. 

Is this picture clear? It’s not the Republicans or the Democrats who manage the township. They don’t even prepare the agenda for the Board of Supervisor meetings. That’s done by Pellegrino. He prepares the briefing book for the supervisors? Surprised? That’s the way it’s been in Northampton since Bruce Townsend made off with $150,000. He spent the money and paid his bills while the Supervisors were doing their own fiddles.

Feel uncomfortable? Well, it’s like Sandy and Katina. Bad now, worse later under the new Republican controlled Board of Supervisors. Northampton seems like it’s going backward. It’s not being run by the Crips yet but the signs go in that direction.   

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