Donald Trump asked: “Who Is This Guy”? One website, (here) writes: “The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues”. An entire book asks: “Who Is The Real Barack Obama” by Steve Bierfeldt. An Op-Ed by Arthur Brisbane in the New York Times suggests “the Times needs to take a hard look at the President. Professor Charles Ogletree is seen in a recent video telling students “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign”, referring to a clip of Barack Obama hugging racialist Derrick Bell and telling Harvard students and others to “Open your Hearts and open your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell”. Obama is an undeclared advocate of Professor Bells Critical Race Theory which is an unbalanced and biased theory.

President Obama has loads of secrecy in his record. None of his explanations pull back those veils. He is an admitted Socialist, a big government President, practically an enemy of Isreal, a friend of the Palestinians and too apologetic about the so-called sins of America to be called a Patriot.

Obama is not just friendly and sympethetic to Radicals, he is one. He’s just been able to successfully cover-up large questions about his background and his record.

He’s been endorsed by Putin, Farrakhan, Kadaffi, Hugo Chavez, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, George Soros, Bill Mahar, ACORN, MAO TSE TUNG admirer Anita Dunn, his White House Communications director, Van Jones, and avowed communist and Rev. Wright. He stood with his hands folded down in front of him during the Star Spangled Banner. He took off his American Flag pin.  He removed DEFENSIVE MISSILES from Poland, a long and firm ally of America and he passed the biggest tax increase, Obamacare, in American history and was campaigning on The View during a serious week of meetings at the N.N. where he apologized numerous times in a lack-luster address to the world. It’s about time for some serious investigative reporting. An Imposter is someone who engages in deception under an assumed identity. Based on the record, that describes President Barack Obama.


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