While trying to get his name back into the Sewage Board business, he decided to appoint himself as some kind of go-between to advise the Supervisors what was going on at the Sewage board. In response to a request to clarify his relationship to the Sewage board and to report on their behalf, the Sewage Board Chairman said: “his ranting had nothing to do” with the sewage. He tried it again at the November 20th Supervisors meeting where he was shot down yet again by Kim Rose.  He had advised his address is Watergate Drive, at least for a few more months. Maybe his fortunes have increased and he’s moving on up.

Northampton has descended into gutter politics over the last three election cycles and at the last Supervisor meeting Supervisor Kim Rose was told: “please, my butt”.  Why do some people descend into scatology? Why do they try to exist on a lower, lesser level? Why the false claims about someone making a death threat? Why the shouts that my life is in danger when it’s so clear it’s not? Why  are people with paranoid, borderline or compulsive personality disorders, for instance, hobbled by anxieties and delusional fears and act out their derangements in public? Why do they strive to mimic a kamikaze to curry favor? There is a class of sociopath’s who like to stand next to important people believing that proves they are important. Most people don’t enjoy watching mis-fits . Unfortunately for the decent people of Northampton, and that’s most of us. Antisocial behavior is characterized by reckless irresponsibility, habitual lying and an indifference to the suffering of others. there are people who have a glib talent for telling lies. “I can say that when you have a psychopathic offender, quite often he will manipulate others, he can be a puppet-master type,” he said. “Others are attracted to his sense of certainty, his sense of power, to the fact that he can do things others have trouble doing.”

A person with psychopathic tendencies may appear to others as clearheaded  as an elite soldier when under fire, or when on the attack. But the internal psychological reality is much different, research suggests.

In several experiments conducted in 2001 and 2002, Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale found Special Operations soldiers, the Army’s most elite fighters, had higher levels of stress hormones in their blood than regular infantrymen when under extreme stress during training. But they also had higher levels of another hormone that is thought to be a natural relaxant. In short, Dr. Morgan concluded, the elite soldiers were very much aware of the danger and moral implications of their actions but able keep their heads, and relax quickly when the danger passed. The psychopath functions well under pressure because he does not feel the moral tension at all.

Northampton has a great possibility to engage in a social experiment that could be politically important. If the sociopaths move up and out and the level of political discourse improves we will have validated a political maxim, that gutter behaviors are limited to one or a few sociopath’s. We may know ….. in a few more months.

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