Looking comfortable and, well, sort of foppish, it’s very obvious Hillary didn’t get her PJ’s from Vera Wang. We know wide-hipsters don’t wear dresses but Hillary has a passion against them. Jennifer Flowers said Hillary goes both eays but the reason for the pants suits is the jacket covers up a lot of strategic, …. shall we call them bulges?

Hillary has one achievement. She topped the worst-dressed list for 2014. Reviewer Stone observes she “has no taste in clothing and no idea whatsoever what she looks good in.” Take the coat she wore to the Nixon Cox-Castimitidis wedding. Darker colors would minimize her bulk, heavy legs and bizarrely thick ankles. (HERE).

She calls herself a “pantsuit aficionado” in her official Twitter bio. Disgusting.

Hillary is a tedious nag which may explain the sexless, lumpen style that Hillary settled on for her presidential campaign. Clinton has to hide herself in garishly colored squares going under the name of “jackets”, or else risk being dismissed as so vain that she would be too busy putting on her lipstick to respond to an international terror threat.

TIME magazine weighed in with the headline: What’s wrong with Hillary’s wardrobe?

Tim Gunn doesn’t think Hillary Clinton is making it work! In an appearance of Lopez Tonight that aired Tuesday, the fashion expert mocked the Secretary of State’s “Jersey Shore style.”

“Why must she dress that way?” the 57-year-old quipped. “I think she’s confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits.”

“No, I’m really serious,” he added. “[They’re] unflattering.”

Tim Gunn thinks pantsuit-clad Hillary Clinton is “confused about her gender”. Gunn was on George Lopez’s show on when Lopez, 50, asked how the former New York senator could “hide her cankles,” Gunn said it was just a matter of adjusting her hemline. “Well, if her pants didn’t stop an inch above her ankle, she could hide the cankle!”

No one should be denied the presidency just because she can’t dress well, but that is not the point with Hillary – she has always carefully tailored her style to what she thinks the electorate desires. Just look back at photographs from when Bill was elected and Hillary was wearing pleated skirts and alice bands, looking very much like a Sloane circa 1984. In short, she is doing what she thinks she should as opposed to having a splinter of courage and being true to herself. No one needs a manipulative fop leader. And that, Anonymous, is why it matters.

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