Both Republican and Democratic leaders are against Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. The people of America however know the future of America now rests solely on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump.

Republican Leaders hate Trump because he doesn’t need him so they are unable to control him. Unbelievable to them, their patronage system went down when Trump showed up.
Mainstream Republican “National Review” a rather hateful magazine showed it’s against reason and reality. Started by the somewhat goofy Wm. F. Buckley it’s joined the Democrats, the Socialists, the corrupt and even dumber mainstream media and the encephaliticly challenged morons attacking Trump.

If they are so smart, where were they when Obama was running?

Nat.Rev complained the police in Ferguson caused the arson but they are informed by their White Guilt so they believe they are the ones, not Trump, America should listen to. Where were their warnings that Obama was the biggest enemy of the white race and of America? Why didn’t they pick up Obama’s historic blackish attacks against white America.

Jack Kerwick wrote that: “National Review’s Reihan Salaam, who also writes regularly for the left-wing publication Slate, on the outrage of “intra-racial dating.” Salaam expresses shock that so many people (presumably it’s the white ones he’s talking about) manifest strong“same-race preferences” on dating sites like OKCupid. “One assumes”, Salaam opines, “that many people who do have such preferences would either choose not to disclose them publicly or choose to skip the question entirely.” [Is It Racist to Date Only People of Your Own Race? Yes., Slate, April 22 2014] Jack (Kerwick)shows that Salaam, and at least implicitly his employer, believes that there is a positive duty to miscegenate, i.e., for whites to marry outside their race. Salaam demands government enforce “Interracial dining” inculcated by people like the following who are now, incredibly, against Trump. They are:

David “the Bore” Boaz,

L.Brent “Bozo” Bozel,

Mona “Moaner” Charon,

Ben “Who?” Domenech,

Erick “Erik-Erik” Erickson,

Stephen F. “Fool” Hayward,

Mark “Help Me” Helprin,

William “Billy The Little Billy Boy” Krisol,

Yuval “Who’s Yu?”Levin,

Dana “Loser” Loesch,

Andrew “Lil Andy” C. McCarthy,

Davis “My Tosh” McIntosh,

Michael “Mustard” Medved,

Edwin “Me Too” Meese,

Russell “Michael” Moore,

Michael B. “Muck” Mukasey

Katie “Pavlov” Pavlich,

John “Patsy” Podhoretz,

R.R. “Lil Janet” Reno,

Thomas “Judas” Sowell, and

“Pastor” Cal Thomas.

Trump called National Review “a failing magazine.”
Sending these dopes to stop Trump is like trying to get a gravy stain out of a carpet by steamrolling a prime rib into it. Questioning Trumps bone fides? Donald Trump is a creation of America. That’s why the right looks foolish when they attack him. In the process they condemned the American voters who are enthusiastically and joyfully supporting Trump with their feet by packing stadiums to see and hear him. Trump is historic. He has literally risen above himself, lifted by the clear thinking of America’s American Americans.

The failing National Review’s dopey, ill-conceived, unwarranted and false attacks against Trump prove why Trump is popular. It’s because — well, they are unable to get it. They don’t get it because they can’t get t. They show how against the political class Trump, Palin, Cruz and Marco are.
Mostly, they provided massive help to Trump. Good. We love this guy. America loves Trump and soon he and his family will be intimate with the White House.

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