President Obama doesn’t get it. He blames the police for the actions of the baby-daddy criminals in American Inner Cities. The baby-mommies share the blame. Just like the misogynists in the Middle East where women are routinely abused, the missing fathers in America’s inner cities love their Marxist Equality Riots.

Marx elevated the mob over the individual. The Ferguson Arson’s and Riots proved his thesis about the power of the group, a group of “Hand’s Up” criminals who were protesting criminal Mike Brown’s attempts to subdue police officer Darren Wilson. President Obama supported “Big Mike” saying Ferguson is “…the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country”. He supports the wrong idea that there’s systemic abuse of black criminals by white police. He and Michelle say they experienced racism by white people. He was joined by virtue’s paragon Al Sharpton as well as impeached Attorney General Eric Holder.

Obama’s baby-daddy abandoned him and scooted back to Africa where he died when his car hit a tree after some drinking. Obama’s white baby mommy gave him to her white parents to raise after first imbuing within him his permanent victim status.

Obama made several pilgrimages to Kenya but never visited the Kansas town where his white mother was born. Never.

Baby-daddy riots happen when they abandon their children who are comfortably cared for by white America. Thank Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”, the diabolical plan to tax the rest of the people to pay for the single parent homes inside America’s cities. Most inner city rioters don’t live with their babies. They do because they don’t have to. Arson, rioting and looting continue the criminal mentation inherited from their single family adolescence. It’s generational. Baby-daddies don’t marry, they bred and leave. Like parent like child. The unwed mother rate in the inner cities shot up to 72% beginning in the 60’s and is the cause of rioting because baby-daddy’s have time on their criminal hands.

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