The CDC is wrong about Ebola. They’re wrong about the cure. They’re wrong about what to do about it. Ebola is a virus. The common cold is caused by a virus. The Flu is caused by a virus. None are curable without a massive effort by the private sector but government has been preventing that for as long as the CDC has been around.
Descended from the wartime agency Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA), the CDC initially focused on fighting malaria by killing mosquitoes. (Malaria still exists. Malaria is still a danger.) On July 1, 1946 the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) opened its doors and occupied one floor of a small building in Atlanta. Its primary mission was simple yet highly challenging: prevent malaria from spreading across the nation. Initially given an astounding $10 million and fewer than 400 employees, today it’s an $11 Billion a year monster agency that can’t stop Ebola or cure the common cold.

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