There are more Democrats than Republicans but the Mainstream Media controls the propaganda that gets the population to stop or support the politicians. In Mein Kampf, as der Fuehrer pointed out that the masses would eventually believe any idea repeated often enough. A corollary was that the masses would ignore any idea mentioned only once or twice. The point is whoever controls the message controls everything.

But the point of politics is to control the reproduction of the party. That means the National, State, Local Government people which number in the millions and the millions of government contracts, large, small and microscopic that are controlled by the government which is the way patronage is done.

Either Hillary or Trump will seem to make appointments. The parties will let Trump or Hillary speak like Trump or Hillary because the parties will control the appointments and policy.

Even under President Reagan, as one who worked in the White House in 1981 once remarked: “Reagan let the Bush establishment people control appointments, and their strategy was ‘Let Reagan speak like Reagan, but we will control appointments and policy’. And basically that is what happened.” Trump stands athwart that process because he has control of the campaign money that will win for him control of almost $4 trillion which is 400 times as much money as he controls today.

The citizens in the know, which is most of us, know how corrupt government has become. Trump can change that and the betting is he will.

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