In the German city of Cologne, within sight of the Great Cathedral that was almost undamaged by precision placed American and English bombs in WWII, bombs which leveled everything around the great cathedral, there were almost 1,000 attacks on women on New Years Eve, 2015 and New Years day 2016. A shocking total of 359 complaints related to sexual offences, while 659 women were recorded as alleged victims, according to the list finally published by the North Rhine-Westphalia state government. There were 126 claims of “rape by a group” and 47 allegations of “sexual assault by a group”. The release of the full list follows repeated claims of a cover up by German authorities and media. But despite there reportedly being a total of 1,049 alleged victims, German police have so far identified only 30 suspects, North Rhine-Westphalia state interior minister Ralf Jäger revealed on Thursday. All of the suspects are of North African origin, with 15 being asylum seekers. Chancellor Merkel was shocked that so many immigrants attacked German women.

It’s their criminal culture assisted by their religious condemnation of all other religions that supports their idea that women who are different them their women, are infidels and should be punished by debauchery. Their religious beliefs lead them into crime.

The Quiescent American Media was distracted by snowstorm Jonas so the rape of white women wasn’t as important as snowflakes, Sunday Football, and their concentration on attacking Sarah Palin.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders are against Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump which further distracted them from noticing how successful German Immigration Policy has been in supporting misogynistic values. The people of America however know the future of America rests solely on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump.
Republican Leaders hate Trump because he doesn’t need him so they are unable to control him so their patronage system has collapsed right down to their toes.
Mainstream Republican “National Review” a rather hateful magazine started by the somewhat goofy Wm. F. Buckley has joined the Democrats, the Socialists and the encephaliticly challenged morons attacking Trump. They are:
David “the Bore” Boaz,
L.Brent “Bozo” Bozel,
Mona “Moaner” Charon,
Ben “Who?” Domenech,
Erick “Erik-Erik” Erickson,
Stephen F. “Fool” Hayward,
Mark “Help Me” Helprin,
William “Billy The Little Billy Boy” Krisol,
Yuval “Who’s Yu?”Levin,
Dana “Loser” Loesch,
Andrew “Lil Andy” C. McCarthy,
Davis “My Tosh” McIntosh,
Michael “Mustard” Medved,
Edwin “Me Too” Meese,
Russell “Michael” Moore,
Michael B. “Muck” Mukasey
Katie “Pavlov” Pavlich,
John “Patsy” Podhoretz,
R.R. “Lil Janet” Reno,
Thomas “Judas” Sowell, and
“Pastor” Cal Thomas.
Trump called National Review a failing magazine.
Sending these dopes to stop Trump is like trying to get a gravy stain out of a carpet by steamrolling a prime rib into it. Questioning Trumps bone fides? Donald Trump is a creation of conservatism. That’s why the right looks foolish when they attack him. In the process they condemned the American voters who are enthusiastically and joyfully supporting Trump with their feet be packing stadiums to see and hear him. Trump is historic. He has literally risen above himself.

Their dopey, ill-conceived and unwarranted attacks against Trump prove why Trump is popular. It’s because they don’t get it. They don’t because they can’t. They show how against the political class Trump, Palin, Cruz and Marco are. Mostly, they provided massive help to Trump. Good. We love this guy, . 


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