The fundamental problem with the Obama foreign policy is: it has no coherency except that it is designed to make America weak. People know that’s true and that’s why Trump is poised to replace Obama. 

Obama’s foreign policy both was and is geared towards moving Ukraine away from Russia and towards Western Europe. Why? Why does Obama think that’s a good idea? Why should Obama feel compelled to do that is not at all clear as Russia in no danger to America. The Cold War ended in 1991. Obama should keep America out of Eastern Europe. America isn’t needed there to keep Eastern Europe safe. NATO has sufficient strength and a huge interest in containing and handling Putin. Keep America out of Eastern Europe. There’s no Berlin Wall. It’s one and so should America.

Obama failed in Libya, especially at Benghazi, in Egypt, Sudan, Congo, and in Israel where Israel is in more danger than ever because of Obama’s kiss-up to Iran and Saudi Arabia. Obama helped cause the refugee crisis but he has no plans to solve the crisis. A failure in foreign relations.

Obama uses “overseas COntingency Operations to cover up his militancy when it suits him as he runs hot and cold over the Middle East and Africa. Michelle is even worse with her #BringOurGirlsBack when Boko Haram kidnapped 200 young girls in Nigeria. Obama didn’t get anything done about that.

If one listens to the Obama press spokesman, the United States no longer invades anywhere, just as the global war on terror has now become overseas contingency operations. Washington stands for international law, supporting national sovereignty and universal democracy. It is against any government’s killing of its own citizens. It all sounds good but in reality the US government doesn’t actually stand for any of those things and is adept at using language to misrepresent actions that in another place or time would have been considered reprehensible if carried out openly. George Orwell called in “newspeak.” With Obama it’s “Obamaspeak”, aka. “BS”.

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