Kelly practices “AMBUSH JOURNALISM” against Trump but he didn’t fall for it.

In her interview with the next President Donald Trump, Kelly tried to trip him up as compared to getting information about him from him.

Ambush journalism is a hotly debated tactic, regarded by other journalists as unethical, unprofessional, and a tool for sensationalizing a story for the sole purpose of personal gain. 

Kelly repeatedly tried to get Trump angry by bringing up and distorting issues from the past. That was the purpose of her interview but Trump saw thru her and instead used his ability to get more exposure for some of his reasons for trying to Make America Great Again. 

From Illana Mercer: “When is Fox going to deep-six this woman? America has had it with the Blond Ego of the Fox News Channel!!!
This interview was moronic. What dumb questions Witch Megyn asked! Where are the questions about policy, ISIS, the economy, etc.?

Megyn was determined to get an apology from Trump, but it didn’t happen (good!). Then Kelly asked the dumbest d*** questions, again focusing on personal trivia and trying to portray The Donald as something he isn’t.

My gut-feel sense: Kelly’s popularity among Fox viewers has plummeted, since that first Republican debate and her moronic, aggressive “women question.” Since then, her unremitting campaign to undermine and discredit Trump has further infuriated the Fox audience, even though she’s merely carrying the water for Rupert Murdoch. She’s the most-ambitious Fox-babe—one willing to do anything to please Murdoch, a paragon of the global elites threatened by Trump presidency.” Gloria in excelsis, Illana.

Kelly learned to attack people in law school. She uses her cross-examination education to get people angry but she disguises it as “doing my job” which is what a bank robber can say about robbing banks.

Kelly may be lying to herself but she’s lying nevertheless when she poses as an innocent or hurt woman. She repeatedly slammed Donald Trump for what he supposedly tweeted. Her “interview” was awful because she didn’t ask one substantive question about what Donald Trump would do as President, instead focusing on what he did to her. False and pretentious she kept her true self under wraps but it’s obvious she’s tried to bully Trump. Kelly is a dishonest person who should go to confession and change her behavior. The public doesn’t need the deception.

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