Her mother is a Louisiana Creole, according to Wikipedia, a person whose ancestors included parts of: 1. African, 2.Native American, 3.French, 4.Cajun, and distant 5.Irish and 6.Spanish. Beyonce’s father was 7.and 8.African-America so Beyonce is a 5/8th’s Black 3/8th’s Louisiana Creole; a 67% black 32% Creole, –a black Creole. Everybody’s something.

Why does Beyonce identify with black people? What about her French, Cajan, Native American and European ancestors? Well, as she showed in her Superbowl 50 black female dancers, (she prohibited white girls from the tryouts), nothing doing with her actual heritage or her non-black, European ancestors. Why did or does Beyonce ignore her European ancestors? Why does she dress and act like the Black Panthers, a subversive hate group, some of whom were intimidating white voters in Philly in 2008? Was she protesting that there aren’t enough black football players at a game where black Cam Newton was the favored quarterback and his team advertises itself as the blackist team in ?

Her mind was poisoned years ago to obsess over her race, whatever that really is but she decided to spotlight the black component of her race.

The Superbowl performance showed how Beyonce betrayed America and proved how the culture has rotted from within. Within a stadium dedicated to the most American of values, sportsmanship, honor, integrity, ….. Beyonce decided to go in the opposite direction, roll back the integration efforts of millions of Americans and support the lawbreakers with their raised fists who are fighting and killing law enforcement.
Rush said it’s representative of the cultural decay and the political decay and the social rot that is befalling our country. But why does Beyonce support that or at the very least, why did she promote it as an ideal to be reached? Why?
From Ilana Mercer: “White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

Sheriff Clarke, a black sheriff from Milwaukee asked if it would be acceptable if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets? HERE.

The “systemic racism” meme you hear repeated by media, across the American campus, and preached from the White House is a function of “Critical Race Theory,” the sub-intelligent, purely theoretical, and logically fallacious construct, now creeping into American schools at every level.

“As detailed in WND colleague Colin Flaherty’s “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry,” America’s children, black, white and brown, are being taught, starting at a tender age, about “racial hostility and resentment.” This racial hostility is said to be endemic and always and everywhere a white on black or brown affair.
Beyonce isn’t a political genius but she’s guided by the cultural rot that has ruined the solidarity of American’s. She decided to be part of the problem. Why?
In part because President Obama showed her how to do it. He’ll probably give her a Presidential medal for rubbing America’s nose in the dirt. Condemning law enforcement is what Obama did when he invited Professor Gates to the White House for a beer after gates was arrested in Massachusetts so they could try to get the police to admit they should not have arrested Professor Gates. It didn’t work because it was wrong, just as Beyonce tried to rub America’s face in the mud of Racism at Superbowl 50 when she refused to audition white girls to dance with her.
Or, perhaps Beyonce bet on the white quarterback and knew her 100% black performance would make him angry which would improve his power and strength. If so, it worked because the black quarterback lost. So did Beyonce. So did the idea of America.
Who won with Beyonce’s performance? The lesser lights among America. Those who continue to divide rather than unite us. The ghetto contingent in America has shown both its blatant disregard for humanity but also their absolute hatred of America. In the ghetto black community, which Beyonce decided to emphasize, murdering an innocent white person brings accolades and credibility! Is that what MLK dreamed for his community?

Beyonce could have decided to be part of the American dream instead of the ghetto. In the ghetto’s people are slaughtered every day for the pigment of their skin by ghetto thugs but their deaths don’t bring national attention. A Hispanic shoots a black thug teen who was bashing his head into the pavement and the entire leftist PC and race-baiting black movement kicks into high gear! The message? Nobody cares if you are shot down, beat down, raped, polar bear hunted or anything else if you are a creepy ass cracka. You’re on your own in Barack Obama’s post-racialist society in 2013!

You might be outraged and full of self-hatred and self-blame because slavery existed in America hundreds of years ago. You might wear your pants below your butt and parrot vulgar, mindless rap thuggery to ingratiate yourself with thugs. Beyonce supported all that but she doesn’t walk in the ghetto after dark. Beyonce will still be killed by ghetto thugs who don’t care. They only care that if you are seen as a different race then themselves, so according to their beliefs and public statements on Twitter and Facebook, they believe you should die for being such. Just as with Obama’s foreign policy, niceness is never respected by thugs. It’s viewed as a sign of weakness.
Beyonce needs to think about walking around Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Gary and other cities that are infected with large numbers of violent thugs to see what she supported with her rather twisted Superbowl50 show, which will quickly be forgotten because of it’s twisted message. That’s part of what Beyonce supported. Is her mind so poisoned and twisted that she really believes that? Looks like a yes.


Perhaps she wanted to draw attention to the treatment of black people in the ghetto’s by police. She could have supported the police, the people and innocents in the ghetto’s who are there because of events beyond their control. She could have supported more businesses in the ghetto’s by encouraging people to start businesses. She could have spoken out against drugs; against drug pushers; against robbery, burglary and prostitution. She could have encouraged more investment in ghetto’s to clean up the neighborhoods. She could have supported music and dance and entertainment in the ghetto’s instead of supporting thuggery. America would have been helped if Beyonce wasn’t such a product of the ghetto even though she wasn’t born there. Instead, Beyonce proved she’s unable to escape the mindset of the ghetto.

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