So said Laura Ingraham on Hannity last night. She said His Fearlessness is an inspiration. The Obama And Hillary Factoids are true but Laura didn’t say them.

Hillary’s unfavorables are going up while Donald Trump’s are going down. He’s the “Presumptive 45th President” and one of the few people on the earth who can stand up to Vlad Putin.

FOX NEWS has Clinton’s unfavorables at 61%.

Trump has clearly proven he’s ready to fight; to fight back and to win. 

Trump hasn’t yet gone after Hillary “all-in”. When he goes after her she’ll lose, he’ll win. 

Hillary’s foreign policy is to start wars, destroy Middle Eastern countries and Import all the refugees. Her work in the Middle East has empowered ISIS. Underneath her false exterior beats a cold, dumb, heartless and inartful heart. Hillary is a disaster who needs to be pulled off the world stage./span>

The same goes for the worst U.S. President ever, even worse than Jimmie Carter. Obama won the Presidency twice because he succeeded in fooling the voters twice and he want’s to do it a third time by endorsing Hillary. The people are smarter than Obama but they only just figured him out because the amazing American, Donald Trump, opened their eyes.

Obama said says he admires his former secretary of state as “wicked smart” and “tough.” He’s right about the wicked part. Same goes for it’s rapist husband Bill.

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