We get it about gay people.

We also get it that the NEWS is not about the normal. It’s about what’s different and that certainly includes Adam Joseph’s sexual inclination. He’s openly gay. According to some research about 1.6% of the population is gay. It may be less but it’s certainly not more but consider the children with whom you went to school. How many were gay? Correct that you didn’t know so doesn’t that prove there are fewer gay people than the gay lobby and the liberal media want to make you believe? At least it’s maybe.

Parenting however is normal. Most men and most women are sezually normal, otherwise the breeding system falls apart and that’s not going to happen.

It hasn’t happened either because a married male and female are normal too, just like a normal male and a normal female are the normal way normal babies are born.

With all respect for gay people, gay people aren’t sexually normal, at least not in their sexual inclination. By logical extension gay parents are not normal parents either. They cannot be either physically, psychologically or in reality.

Adam is not a parent. He got someone else’s baby. Someone else is the father of the baby he’s got. His gay partner isn’t a a parent either. They are two gay men who got two children. Showing Adam and his gay partner wasn’t an honest NEWS story. It was a pretense that made Joseph and his gay partner appear to be like a male and a female parent when they aren’t.

Most people have a lot of compassion towards gay men. To help them the President has ordered businesses to direct them into the woman’s rooms of America, another wrong move by a not-so-aware man with a strong but hidden agenda, let men into the woman’s rooms where where they will confuse at least little and young girls who expect not to find biological males alongside them as they go about using the woman’s rooms as woman have always used them,

Into the confusion have been pushed some real tragic people, injected there thru no fault of their own but showing some things cross certain culture lines and that really troubles some people which cascades into even more problems for more people, problems that were created by some not-so-aware people who are not-so-aware of most other people.

There are certain people and stories that don’t belong in the public eye.

Journalism should support more than Megyn Kelly and Channel Six poking people in their eyes. Journalism should support Justice and it’s unjust to distort the public square by making up LGBT stories that are very complicated and to show them in such a simple manner.

Parenting is difficult enough without distorting and confusing it for your personal or economic edification; –or both as Channel Six did by making a gay man adopting a baby with another man seem like the normal thing to do.

Channel Six should at least make an announcement before publishing or pushing Adam Joseph’s unfortunate condition onto the public airways, that the following isn’t for children. At least show that much respect for children and warn parents that the following isn’t for dissemination to their children. That goes to the core values of a just society.

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