It’s 40 full years since first sitting at the small bar off the lobby of the Hong Kong hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. So British, the “Mad Dogs and Englishmen, … ” on the wall, yet thoroughly Chinese, .. while waiting a week for China to stamp a visa into the passport to get to the Canton Fair. It’s was back when Beijing was Peking and Guangzhou was Canton. So very long ago yet the memory is so vivid it seems like last week.

The Star Ferry was probably 10 cents by then when most Americans didn’t care much about China and even today, few travel to Hong Kong. A pity because so much of China is easy to access in Hong Kong.

The British pulled out. Communist Red China took over this pearl of the Pacific but the high apartment buildings still sit there. The Peninsula Hotel still is outstanding, one of the great hotels in one of the great places in the world.

Hong Kong is commercial, not communist. Yes, the communists are in charge. The British police are gone. The business makes Hong Kong the tremendous success it is. There’s a vitality about it. Sensational acenery. Marvelous places to live, the extremely expensive apartments high on “The Peak” on Hong Kong island itself. The view is spectacular.
What about the people? What about the Chinese as a people? When you visit Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing you see the people who are, unfortunately inder the control of a ruthless form of totalitarian government which show how millions live with far less than normal Liberty.

The land in China belongs to the state and the collectives. Read that again. This is 2016. The land in China belongs to the state and the collectives. No person can own land. Neither the Collective” nor the State are individuals. No individual can own land. How’s that for the Right To Property? Same for Cuba. Castro confiscated or expropriated the land. That’s the idea of Communism. The “Commune” owns the land. The laws of Cuba do not provide for individuals to own land. Same as China.

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