Yes, he did actually say: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.  He said it to the entire world at the United Nations on September 14th, 2014, where he also said: “…. a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.” But there was no video, just Obama in his self-proclaimed role to condemn America and to support and praise Islam.

We now know the President never saw the video. He never showed anyone the video but Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice tried to blame the video for the attack on the American compound in Benghazi where four innocent Americans were brutally murdered by the ideology that hates and targets America and blames America for the oppression that goes on in the world.

The remark is in context. It was part of a speech Obama made at the U.N. In context, and on it’s own the remark is self-supporting. It’s a complete thought. It’s like saying: “A is A”. It needs nothing else. It’s the idea of Obama, not as President but as Barack Hussein Obama.

Islam is a large part of Obama, just as both the black and white races are. He holds many belief’s but he doesn’t always come to correct conclusions and he should be held responsible for the conclusions he makes as President. He has no business talking about religion. America is not a religious nation. It’s a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy. America is not a theocracy on purpose.

The President needs to figure ththat out. When he addresses the United Nations about a threat to America he is supposed to explain the threat, not pander to whatever personal or wrong ideas he holds as Barack Hussein Obama.

The Hussein is revealing. It’s the name of his grandfather who was Muslim. Barack Obama’s father was also a Muslim but not a rigorous one. The President doesn’t seem to be religious but he seems to incline to Christianity of some sort. He was married by a Christian Minster, rev, Wright who turned out to be a notorious man because of his naked and forceful attacks against America so at the very least, the President veers towards Christianity but he does not attend religious services on any kind of regular basis. In his defense he seems to want to and tries to accommodate different religions but he’s on dangerous ground when he does that.

Religion is not the expertise of the United States Government. America is a Constitutional Republic. Obama needs to connect the dots or terrorism and respond to the attacks against America by reciting repeating and re-iterating the principles that make America great. None of those principles are because of religion. America is great because we are a nation of a certain type and class of laws. America is great because there are 51 Constitutions that give the Federal Government and the individual states very limited powers. None of those constitutions give government power over, with or alongside religion.

That’s why American is in a unique position to stop the worldwide Terror attacks. America cannot be held to be for, with or against Religion but America is supposed to protect Americans against Terror attacks by going after and destroying the people who want to annihilate America.  

The President  may believe he needs to apologize for America. He should put a sock in it about that. He needs to fight not only the terrorists but also he needs to fight his own nature which needs to be respectful of the basis of America, Liberty. He is more inclined to be against America because he want’s to punish America and Americans for some past grievances he holds against America and those grievances keep him from grasping the basis of The United States. That basis in decidedly non-religious which is exactly the response he needs to craft to stop terrorism. He can begin by condemning Terrorists and their murderous intentions. He can begin by starting to blame terrorists for their crimes against humanity. He can begin to admit to himself he’s been wrong to tell innocent people why they are innocent instead of telling guilty people why they are guilty; why they will be discovered and how they will be stopped. HE needs to stop being a pacifist to peaceful people. He needs to  man up here and get the terrorists.

The Commander in Chief is not a religious position, it’s a military position and the President needs to figure that out then start using that position to hunt down and stop terror and Terrorists. That needs no apology.  



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