President Obama was a community organizer who rubbed the raw sores of discontent to get benefits from government for the black community of the South Side of Chicago. That’s a far distance from heaven where Lucifer was organizing the angels and that’s why Saul Alinsky dedicated his book: “Rules For Radicals” to Lucifer.

Obama and Hillary both adore Alinsky. Alinsky offered Hillary a job. Hillary did her senior thesis on Alinsky. Obama and Al Sharpton are organizing based on race. They both support one race against the others. That’s why President Obama invited Professor Gates to the White House to confront the officer who arrested the Professor. Lucifer would have done the same. Rub the community’s noses in the swill of race to get benefits for your people. The ends justify the means for community organizers. That’s as immoral as it can get but that’s how Alinskyites roll.

The President said: “Trayvon Martin could have been my son.” Nonsense. The President didn’t even know Trayvon’s mother. This is getting bad, serous and worse. The President needs to stop picking sides based on race and start being President of all Americans. He’s set back race relations and hurt the innocent, good black people. He’s free to support anyone he wants with his own resources. He’s not free to pick sides based on skin color with tax money.

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