Ho Hum, it’s teeny, tiny Tina Fey who can only imitate real life because there’s not much there with her. She helped SNL advertise Trump for free as she lampooned but advertised Donald Trumps candidacy to the world for free.

Trump, a multi-billionaire who has more than enough money to pay for advertising doesn’t have to as long as there are flea-brains like Lorne Michaels around who turn over their SNL output to help Trump win over Hillary. With the exception of Selena Gomez, whose talent went to waste in her SNL appearance  SNL is a waste of time most Saturdays. They are lost in the past of Socialism and their teeny tiny brains are lower than the Marianas Trench, the lowest spot on earth. The writers are small children but no matter. They unwittingly help Trump whenever they lampoon him. Teeny Tiny Tina Fey did her best to hurt Sarah Palin without realizing she was helping increase Palin’s net worth by continuing to mention her which popularizes her even more. LOFLOL

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