A “Has Been” at 53, Rosie O’Donnell’s unfortunate rise to international stardom was caused by a unique, un-feminine, abnormal and filthy mind. Megyn Kelly who was on the Howard Stern Show talking about her breasts, penis’ and her sex life knows Donald Trump has never, ever responded like she did so maybe Kelly is just jealous because Trump is killing it.

A British columnist said: “If Trump Wins I’m Moving To America”.

Trumps popularity is because of the failure of the Liberal Left to support the values of Liberty. Hollywood and the media have been outstanding megaphones for Socialism which Trump preternaturally opposes.

Trump personifies Capitalism which is based on Liberty which is a necessary pre-condition for Individual Freedom and a government that allows at least a major amount of freedom before Capitalism can appear. The alternative is Socialism and the expensive black market that’s needed for individuals to prosper under Socialism. That’s the record everywhere it’s been supported. The collapse of the USSR proves that.

No other nation has been as successful as America which, unfortunately but necessarily gives microphones to goofies like O’Donnell and seditious haters like Kelly.

It’s impossible for Kelly to pretend she’s a neutral observer when she took a stand while pretending to question Trump with loaded questions. Kelly exposed her anti-Trump attitude in that debate when she inadvertently revealed her anti-Trump position. Kelly is a smart lawyer. She knows what she did and the Republicans should ask Ailes and FOX to dis-invite her from the next debate until or unless she apologizes, — not to Trump but to the entire audience for her lack of objectivity and for how she thinks.

Kelly is both jealous and hates Trump. She should go out of her way and apologize to him just for her hidden and egregious attitude. Roger Ailes should fire her and replace her with a more balanced new reader.

Unless: …… Unless it’s a plan to help Trump get even bigger and for FOX to create and ride coat tails to rid America of immigrants with security issues. Hmmmmm.

Trumpsters want to let people know there is another America, a decent America that O’Donnell doesn’t represent or speak for and Trump does. Us Trumpsters know how mean the attack on Sarah Palin and her family has been. They know because they saw and heard what and how Rosie O’Donnell supporter Megyn Kelly is a spitting cobra of O’Donnell meanness.

Trumps rallies have been over-attended but not reported by the Left; by FOX nor by most FOX stars with the exception of Eric Bolling and maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle. Dana Perino of “The Five” still supports Bush including Jebbie. Greg Gutfield is absolutely conflicted over Trump.

O’Donnell’s exit from the View was applauded by the nice people of America which is most people and all of the Trumpsters who support Donald because he’s a good and decent man with a fantastic family all of whom he adores. That’s the difference between Donald J. Trump and his adversaries.

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