Edward Snowden ratted out his un-constitutional, -therefore illegal, surveillance of private citizens. Bowe Bergdahl deserted because he was fed up with America’s atrocities, just as Secretary of State John Kerry said he was when he threw his military medals over the White House fence and onto the ground. (He actually threw throw-away versions.) Kerry went on to be the Secretary of State under Megawatt Smile.

Deep Throat did in President Nixon. Monica did in or more accurately did President Clinton.

Harry Reid consistently works and votes to eliminate Free Speech. (HERE).  And HERE. Dingy Harry, as Rush refers to him is really bad for America.

Nancy Pelosi want’s government in charge of Medicine and HealthCare. She pushed for more control of Doctors by disguising it as Affordable Care.  

Barney Frank almost single handedly ruined the mortgage business by forcing Banks to make bad loans.

The “Bubble-Up” policy of increasing the national debt by spending the money people save means government must take it from them by taxing their income stream thus protecting people from the trouble of saving their own money.  

“Bubble Up” means cutting taxes on the second half of the culture. The first half, the poor no longer have their incomes taxed. Only the middle and upper classes pay income taxes. The way out of poverty means government must take all of the money away from the poor, which is not hard because they can’t read well enough to know what governments doing to them.

The poor can be trained to vote for their own destruction by giving them something as cheap as a cheap Obama-phone. It defeated Romney.  Works like a charm and the poor never catch onto it because they can’t think too well and catching on to the government means they need to see their money taken away by taxes. They think they are paying their share of taxes by paying sales taxes but they no longer know how much that is because part of the Liberals plans include making people dumber by not educating them in the first place.  

Forcing people to avoid work until age 18 means wasting money on buildings and watchers. Works every time.

Destroying the American Dream means destroying the dollar. That’s not difficult for government. They keep printing more money which means there’s too much money so people willingly pay more for things. As long as the destruction is spread over time people won’t catch on especially when they can talk on their free Obama phone.

Life is short so government must work fast otherwise people will escape with some money government didn’t yet figure out how to take.

Democrats envy the China System where lots of money doesn’t have to be printed because the Government of China is in charge of everything.

Instead of people searching for a place to live, China owns all of the buildings so people are simply assigned to a room. China is actually moving away from a command economy to a controlled economy similar to Obama’s.

Under Obama people can keep their business so long as government can tell them how much to pay workers.

All of this sarcasm won’t help unless you do something about something.

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