White guilt which government and the media have been giving you and your children is nothing compared to government taking away loads of your retirement money and giving it to the people of color. Donald Trump’s mortal enemies have combined into a Legion of Doom to replace him with either Bush, Cruz or Rubio. That’s why Megyn Kelly and FOX have been gloating over Iowa and touting the almost win by Bush, Cruz and Rubio but don’t believe them. Nationally Trump has over 50% of the projected voters on his side. His rallies are greater than Obama’s rallies in Cairo and Berlin.

The problem for the American Left as well as the special needs FOX nerds are the unmentionable white population, currently reduced to 65% of America by forced immigration of poor people of color through the phony border with Mexico.

The Trump Revolution is disguised as “Make America Great Again.” It includes voters from all demographic classes and is far larger then the slow kids in the media’s quoted 35%. They adore Bernie, Bush who would fight crocodiles to welcome people from the homeland of his Mexican wife especially those who cross the border illegally because “it’s an act of love”. The man tests positive for brain pathologies. He welcomes immigrants to replace Americans at the rate of over a million a year and is apoplectic over a real southern border. Maybe he’s a citizen of Mexico. He sure acts like one.

Trumps invisible army is invisible unless it’s being shown up as bigoted, racist, red-necked abusers of white privilege. Except for Trump, white lives are forfeit. Bernie is humane to immigrants and inhumane to the poor whites in America who have been taxes into poverty by the Liberals, the Left, the media and the Democrats. Time to say enough. Time for Trump.  


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