One of the annoying liberals went on Tucker Carlson and called Ivanka a sinister conspirator for “aiding the most aggressively anti-woman candidate of our time.” Tucker asked: “what does that even mean?”

Donald Trump is not remotely anti-woman. If anything his love for women is shown by his three wives. Someone who is against woman wouldn’t marry three of them as Donald did and he is very loving and so obviously proud of his millionaire daughters Ivanka and Tiffany. Of course Tiffany is just 22 so we haven’t seen her as much as Ivanka but Donald loves all of his children and as a father his love for his two daughters is especially obvious to all except the most partisan critics.

This liberal woman tweeted Ivanka is “sinister” which means harmful or evil. As they argued, the annoying liberal got increasingly smug, stopped trying to argue because she was losing and went into the liberal fallback position which is to call the opponent names.. She called Carlson a “partisan hack” and wrongly said he was attacking her and not letting her speak even though she was doing most of the talking and Tucker kept asking her what she meant by a sinister conspiracy. Tucker even asked her if she realized Ivanka was Trumps daughter. She never answered that, just kept on talking hoping to make Tucker beliee he was wrong to question her. .

It was clear she was unable to process what Carlson was asking her to do which was explain why she called Ivanka “sinister”. Liberals come in all IQ levels but this guest couldn’t grasp what she meant when she tweeted Ivanks was sinister.

To be a sinister conspirator requires first Ivanka to be sinister. the second condemnation was Ivanka was a conspirator. A “Sinister Conspirator” is someone who is being secretive and that they are engaging in a conspiracy. the Trumps have been in a fishbowl with the world looking at them 24/7 so the liberal who couldn’t get it was wrong to claim Ivanka was sinister, especially because Carlson was questioning the liberal about Ivanka being verbally abused by a gay jewish lawyer on a Jet Blue flight out of LaGuardia. He was Dan Goldstein — a New York attorney whose husband is Matthew Lasner and of course they hate the Trumps because none are gay. that’s understandable. What’s silly is that Tucker’s guest didn’t get it, that Ivanka should not be subject to public harassment and that Goldstein’s abuse amounted to an assault. He was fortunate that Jet Blue hustled him off the plane which ended his exposure to law enforcement.

How Tuckers Liberal guest concluded that revealed a sinister conspiracy is incomprehensible but that’s the way stupid does.

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