The Clintons are the worlds biggest grifters. Two “Confidence Men” selling their Rolodex’s full of Political connections to the highest bidders. Mention their name and the doors of the political leaders open like the legs of a prostitute which is what both of them are. Political pimps and political prostitutes who stayed married to keep up the shake-downs. The old political system is what’s run by Rahm Emanual in Chicago, by Mayor Mike Dugan in Detrot, by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in Baltimore and even in the little towns and villages of rural America. Everyone knows how it works. Connections mean money. Bigger donations got more connections and more connections mean more influence with corrupt world leaders. The Clintons took it global.

Hillary Clinton is more corrupt than any previous corrupt politician in history. She could fill a cemetery with the skeletons in her closet. Her illegal actions and perjury in front of Congressional hearings should put her away forever. But she will remain free, rich and one of the Democrat powers until she croaks. Why?

It’s being rumored the FBI may expose what they have on Hillary if the Obama DOJ doesn’t indict her for breaking the law in having an illegal computer server that contained top-secret emails while she was a federal employee. That indictment is never going to happen in part because Obama’s DOJ is an instrument of tyranny against the Tea Parties and other political enemies of Obama. Hillary isn’t one of those.

The Clinton’s invented something even bigger than local political corruption. They went global. They connected money, influence, and celebrity. When Hillary Clinton was running the State Department, Bill Clinton was shaking down contributors for “The Clinton Foundation”, one of the most visible money laundering schemes ever, bigger than Tammany Hall ever was. These people are Capone Risen.
In the old system party machines were used to provide incomes for the army of operatives who would jump into action during elections to make sure the machine stayed in office. The cash comes from a system of payoffs that go all the way from the cop on the beat up to the Board of Aldermen, the Mayor and the governors.

With the Clinton’s what donors buy, or think they are buying, is influence and face time with two of the most powerful people in the world and their political machine; what they get on the side includes good PR, some invites and connections, one’s picture with a Clinton or a courageous and charismatic human rights figure from the developing world, and a tax deduction for a charitable contribution. For big donations, you get more. The Clinton’s, as explained by Donald Trump, will come to your wedding if the invite comes with enough “warmth.”

The Clinton’s even figured out how to work around the 21st Amendment that limits a president to two terms. With Hillary the Clinton’s get four terms and if they are really successful with Chelsea, a total of six.

The clever Clinton’s discovered something more important than the wheel when they discovered how to manipulate money and government power  for private gain. The problem for the Clinton’s is the fundamental, congenital sleaze of their personalities.  It’s why Hillary just lost to Bernie in New Hampshire and it’s also probable the old Democratic Party Machine in Iowa mis-counted the votes that put her in first place.
Bill and Hillary are rivals to the historic importance of Al Capone and Evita. The similarities are eerie.


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