The headline says it all. Religious people are fervent and committed. They put their religious values above politics. They stand by their religious values against all challenges. That makes for summer patriots and sunshine soldiers. They will refuse to vote for a candidate who has slightly different values. They infiltrated both parties but most got inside the Republican party and they do not care if Obama wins so long as they can say they refused to support a Republican who didn’t agree 100% with their principles. What are those principles?

Principles are not the point. As John F. Kennedy said: “but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own” is the point. Religion and the political damage it can do is the point. Politics are what is here on earth. Our work here is not Gods work but our own. We can vote for Romney regardless of minor grievences we have with some of his principles because Obama has been so bad for America he makes socialist, looney Jimmy Carter look like a rational capitalist. If you want a principle, maybe it’s vote for the lesser evil. For me it’s even higher. Vote for good over evil, Romney being good and Obama represeting the wrong values.  

America instituted a non-religious government on purpose. The Constitution actually bans religion from government in several places. The founders were mostly religious but they knew the danger to a government from Religion. The Taliban and the connection between religion and government shows the danger posed by religion. Religion has split the Republican party. We need to get over that and unite the party and attract Libertarians, Patriots, good Democrats and everyone else to defeat Obama. Let’s try to put and keep religion where it belongs. Let’s elect a good and decent man, Romney, while we remove the really bad American from the White House. Let’s not let religion re-elect Obama.

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