The OCurier Times wants the good people of Warminster to pay for a new building for WREC. That’s not a misspelling, WREC is an acronym for the Westminster Recreation and Education Center. It’s closed. It’s owned by the township and has become too costly to maintain. Warminster has a populatiohn of 32,000, about one third of whom work to pay the taxes. According to the Courier WREC serves over 15,000 people a year. The average visitor visits about three times a week. When the people who go there every day to play cards or use the dart board the number of people served by the WREC is mot more than about 20 a day. The Courier believes the 32,000 residents should feel guilty because the building wasn’t maintained so the citizens, the majority of whom entertain and educate thenselves, should foot the bill for those few people who WRECKED the building and build a new building for them. The Courier doesn’t have to pay a penny for the new building which would cost the non-using taxpayers over $7,000,000. That’s the price of Socialism for the WREC it creates. Maybe the Seniors should play cards in their own homes and a private contractor hold the education classes for a fee that covers the cost and makes some profit. Profit. That’s the benefit of Liberty. Government stays out of WREC-reation and the people pay for themselves to play cards, darts and bingo.

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