When ex-Supervisor Art Freidman unexpectedly showed up at the Board of Supervisors to protest temporary lights on a soccer field behind his home he forgot to mention he voted yes for such lights on the Vandeemer drive soccer fields. Why? Dirty tricks. Politics.

Why a yes vote to allow lights that were brighter and permanent on Vandeermer  but no to allow lights that were far less powerful and temporary in the Municipal park?  Suggested Answer: because his home was involved at the Municipal park.

Republican Insider Freidman is a fan of lights. He voted for hundreds of then when he was supervisor but now that four temporary lights that are further behind his home that the lights he approved on Vandeveer,  he votes against lights. Why? Suggested Answer: because his home was involved at the Municipal park.

Freidman went further in his explanation. The park is his backyard. You can check that for yourself. Freidman lives on Frog Hollow Drive. The Municipal park is right behind his property. There’s a nice macadam walkway that runs around the park and it also runs behind Freidman’s property. Over the years Freidman and the Insider Republicans violated the Municipal park deed but hey, it worked to Freidman’s advantage and no one knew what was going on in the backroom meetings. Should these people be returned to Power? Does Santa drive a car?


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