Hillary is their babe. The Immortal Donald Trump is their enemy because: he “Wants To Make America Great Again”. Putin hates him. So does Vicente Fox, the ex-President of Meh-he-ko, who resorted to foul language and compared Trump to Hitler. Fox knows about Hitler. He idolizes him. Trump’s Wall to keep out illegal immigrants sent to America Mexico wants the money illegals pay Mexican’s to smuggle them across the Southern U.S. border and Mexico also wants the money illegals send back to Mexicans, some of which goes to pay smugglers to smuggle more illegal Mexicans into the U.S.

Fox made his fortune cheating Mexican citizens while protected by the Mexican police. Everyone knows how corrupt Vicente was while in office and he’s a contributor to Hillary’s illicit Clinton Foundation which is a money laundering operation designed to avoid American taxes for Hillary who is intent on vacuuming money from international contributors who desperately want her to get elected so she can continue to fleece Americans like Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush’s father did.

“During Fox’s administration few jobs were created, leading to massive immigration to the United States and an explosive increase in black market employment. Al Sharpton requested a formal apology from Fox to the African-American community and called for an economic boycott of Mexican products until an apology was received; he and many African-Americans felt that Fox’s comments were insensitive and racist. The Reverend Jesse Jackson, during a news conference concerning Fox’s statement about African-Americans, said that he felt that the comments were, “unwitting, unnecessary and inappropriate” and added that “[Fox’s] statement had the impact of being inciting and divisive”, See Wikipedia.

The European Union is annoyed that Trump supports America first. they are on record as demanding Trump support Europe because “we need it”. Representatives of other countries publicly attacked Trump, including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Communist Vietnam all of which proves the quality of Trump is shown by the strength of his enemies. Never mind them. Trump really will be great for America and only he can: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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