But Trump is ahead 382 delegates to 300. Trump received 234 more votes on Saturday but Cruz won 15 more delegates than Donald.

Cruz won Kansas and Maine. Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky. Trump received 230,443 votes and Cruz received 230,209 votes. Trump received 50 delegates and Cruz received 65. Even though Trump received more votes he received fewer delegates.
Trump leads with 382 delegates total so far. Cruz has 300. There are only 1,627 delegates left. Trump needs 855. Cruz needs 937.

The delegate count so far favors Trump, 382 to 300. The delegates still needed favors Trump. He needs 855. Cruz needs 937.

Between Trump and Cruz they have 682 delegates with Trump having received 56% and Cruz only 44%, a difference of 12 percentage points which is 27% of Cruz’s delegate percentage so far.

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