We do indeed. How can African-Americans who are not white be: …… what do they want to be? 

How does anyone know? What we do know is African Americans are noisy about something although it’s not clear to them or anyone else what exactly it is. America isn’t a homogeneous culture. America has many different races, cultures and religions. That’s a consequence of an attitude of acceptance and tolerance, some of it enforced by government at the point of a government gun or by punishment that includes jail or money or both. That causes resentment because some people wrongly benefit at the expense of someone else.

The easiest difference to see is skin color but it’s impossible to see someone’s thoughts. That makes hate crimes that exist only in someone’s mind, impossible to prove. No one can see thoughts. Government however ruled we can prove your thoughts by your actions. Did you ever use what’s been called “The “N” word? That’s taken to prove you are a racist but lots of African American entertainers don’t have to use it. they can use the real word but only if they are black skinned. That’s unfair. There’s no equivalent for any other race.

Donald Trump dis-advowed David Duke. Why? Why is it up to Donald to disavow David Duke? Trump can’t be responsible for the thoughts and ideas of David Duke, Al Sharpton or the Pope. That’s up to David Duke, Al Sharpton and the Pope.

Commentator Jack Kerwick named the lucrative race-based industry “the Racial-Industrial-Complex (RIC).” It’s big business but it’s a racket, a shakedown masquerading as hatred of black people by white people because everyone knows about the savage black crimes against white people. Many of those crimes are denied because being the right race can be a get out of jail free card.

But Donald Trump seems to base his decisions about people on their ability. He ignores the “racial industrial complex”. He doesn’t need it. He hires and fires people all of the time but not because of the color of their skin. If that’s wrong the RIC needs to explain why.

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