The U.N. has a huge set of projects to destroy “Free Markets”. One of their most successful has been getting their ideas into the heads of thousands of Planning Committees in America. They did that with a “U.N. Planning Guide” that is right now in the hands of the closest planning committee to you, the one in your township, village or borough. Obama facilitated the prep and distribution of the U.N. guide by paying the back dues that previous Presidents had witheld because the U.N. worked against the interests of America. Obama likes the U.N. for that very reason.

Obama is supporting direct taxation of Americans by the United Nations and sending the money he gets from American┬ácitizens to his buddies in Africa. How corrupt is that? The Chicago mob couldn’t do it any better and that’s where Obama worked before going to Washington where the biggest corruption outside the United Nations, the biggest collection of anti-Americans’s on the planet is located.

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