O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly are against Trump. The question is why?. FOX has never answered it. FOX is not supporting the Republican Party and not for Trump. They aren’t anti-Democrat party. they are silent about Hillary but not as against her as they are against Trump.  

Their reason for existence, a fair and balanced network has been shattered. Their unfair and biased coverage while masquerading as friends of the Republican party while supporting Rubio is clear and preposterous because Rubio will neither win the Primary nor defeat Hillary if he does, which he wouldn’t. they aren’t explaining Trump, they are condemning him and they did it again in the March 3 debate when Kelly and Wallace lied to the audience about Trump University and Trump’s claim to save money for the people by cutting government.

FOX has lost their way. Maybe they find it again, maybe not but until they get rid of their bias against the Republican front runner Donald Trump they will continue to bleed viewers including me. I haven’t watched nor do I intend to watch Megyn since her attack against Trump in August 2015. .


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