Bill Cosby’s motion to dismiss based on the no-prosecution deal between Cosby and Castor was the most important issue, taking up two days of testimony in a hearing here in the courthouse outside Philadelphia.

Neither Cosby’s lawyers nor Steele talked to the media, but the ruling by Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Kevin O’Neill was a clear victory for Steele, who argued that Castor had no authority to unilaterally grant immunity to Cosby in 2005, and that if there had been such an agreement, it had to be in writing and approved by a judge to be valid. Why didn’t the Judge refer the matter of no prosecution by Castor to the current District Attorney Kevin¬†Steele? Where is Gloria Allred when we need her? She has 29 clients against Bill Cosby but she needs to step up and get Bruce Castor prosecuted in the interest of Justice too. We the people need to insist that District Attorneys take rape seriously and not sweep it under the rug like what seems to have happened here as another celebrity is protected from laws that are supposed to apply to everyone.

Every one of Cosby’s accusers individually and collectively should also bring suit against Castor; Montgomery County; and the State of Pennsylvania in addition to Cosby for what appears to be a huge cover-up by government. The conduct by an ex-District Attorney is a disgrace to the bench because the DA as well as every attorney has a solemn duty to prosecute rapists and not let them walk as Castor did with Cosby. ¬†

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