Every poll for months has Hillary beating Bernie Sanders. Five polls taken in April give her a substantial win. Marist College, Monmouth University, FOX News, YouGov and Emerson College have Hillary winning by: 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 percent. Twelve polls taken since March all have Hillary winning over Bernie, two by as much as 40%. Can they all be wrong? Yes, but that’s not the way to bet.

Hillary’s odds of beating Trump are about 2/5. Trumps odds of beating Hillary are 6/1. But, ……

Trump hasn’t started to campaign against Hillary but Hillary has been campaigning against Trump so the odds of Trump winning will change even though he isn’t likely to become the favorite for at least several months.

Donald Trump is the odds on favorite against Ted Cruz by minus 125 to plus 150. That means Trump beats Cruz by 275.

Trump is favored to win against Cruz in the Primary in New York, PA, and California which will add 338 delegates to Trumps 743 sub-total so far. that’s 1,181. He needs only 1237 so he’s need only 56 more delegates out of 464 available after NY, PA and CA.

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