Try to get Hillary to mention again the $14 million loan Trump received from his father. Then ask Hillary how much it cost the American taxpayers when she used the State Department as a personal piggy bank to fly around the globe while the American taxpayers paid her bills while she was shaking down foreign governments for payments to her Clinton Foundation.

For the next debate, Trump can turn everything said to and about him back on and against Hillary. When Hillary said, in her opening statement, that Trump believes that helping wealthy people creates jobs, and then criticized Trump, Trump might have segue-wayed to the Clinton Foundation that helps just three wealthy people and gives them jobs. Trump can ask Hillary about that hypocrisy. 
Hillary, harassment and assault of women is a problem. You and your husband have spent decades attacking and savaging the reputations of the harassment and assault victims of your husband. That’s reprehensible. Women deserve better than that from you and your husband, a former President who used the White House and our country’s resources to cover up his behavior and attack women. You should be ashamed.

* Hillary had that line about how she prepared for the debate and she prepared for President. Trump should have responded by asking, “Hillary, is the way you abandoned our Ambassador and our military and diplomatic men and women in Benghazi how you prepare for being President? If that’s the kind of President you’d be, G-d help us.
Hillary, you had a private e-mail server with classified information in your basement bathroom. FBI Director Comey said you were careless and jeopardized our national security. That’s how you prepared to be President? You were the architect of the Iran nuclear deal, which put Iran closer than ever to having a nuclear bomb. It’s the worst deal in history. Is that the kind of President you prepared to be? You should file a malpractice suit against whoever prepared you.

*Trump can question Hillary’s stamina. When she bragged about traveling around the world negotiating treaties and testifying before Congress for 11 hours, Trump can bring up the aforementioned failed Iran deal of which she was the architect. I also would have said, “Hillary, if you hadn’t allowed Americans to be murdered in Benghazi and jeopardized America’s national security with your private bathroom e-mail server, you wouldn’t have had to testify before Congress for 11 hours. That’s the kind of President you’ll be –getting us into one mess after the other, one catastrophe after another.”

* If Hillary calls for “criminal justice reform,” Trump could respond that we can start by indicting a certain criminal who was let off the hook. Same thing when she called for a “special prosecutor” on something that didn’t need one.


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