It’s a war. America didn’t start the war. Neither did Israel. Banning immigration in seven countries is not that big of deal and neither is it a choice America would want to make but the Terrorists are at war with America. They started it and we’re their targets so a ban on immigration, a ban that should have happened decades ago is simple common sense.

There are 196 countries in the world. Travelers from the seven Terror-exporting countries have 195 other counties to go to in addition to America with whom the terror exporting and terror supporting countries have vowed to kill.
President Trump is trying to make America safe. Banning people from seven countries is a needed step.

So the message to the people in those seven countries is: “Stay out of America until you can be vetted”. Why should America let you in if there’s the possibility you could be a terrorist? We don’t want terrorists. We have had too many come here and kill Americans. Go somewhere else. When America figures a way to determine who loves America and wants to give up their place of birth and change their loyalty to America President Trump and Congress can change the laws but until then go somewhere else.  

If your life is in danger in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia or Yemen that leaves you with 188 countries to which you can travel. Go to one of them. Just because you aren’t wanted in America unless you can be vetted doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere else. That’s a lot of choices. Why not take one of them instead of trying to defy President Trumps ban on travelers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia or Yemen.



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