Obama requires everyone who works at a large company to tell the boss their gender. No more in-the-closet gays or lesbians. You must tell the boss whether or not you are gay.

Same for telling the boss the country from where your ancestors came before they entered America.

Same for telling the boss the color of your skin.

EEOC Chair Jenny Yang told reporters Thursday that the first reports must be on the President’s desk  by  September 2017. Have they gone completely nuts?

Yes! They are serious about forcing workers to tell their boss about being straight or gay. Same for skin color and country of origin. What will Obama do with those records? Who will see them? He further announced his intention to punish companies who have too many gay or black people who he will be force to be fired and replaced with more white people. What’s next? Report your religion? Your Health? Whether or not you can type or load a conveyor belt fast enough? What do they think America is all about? Why are people being forced to consider themselves part of an accepted group?  Why is Obama so intent on forcing people to do what he commands?

His obsession with race is psychological and understandable since he is obviously conflicted at the difference in appearance between himself and his mother and her parents but he needs to control his obsession with race. But what’s the matter with Obama that he wants to force gay, lesbian, bi-sexuals and transgenders to publicly admit their gender or even genders in the case of bi-sexuals or apparent gender even if they want to keep it to themselves?

What about people who change their gender and want to keep it private as they are allowed to do under the Constitution? What about individuals like Bruce / Caitlin Jenner? What about the Fourth Amendment’s protection of their privacy? How can Obama get around violating that when the President is supposed to be the standard bearer for the protection not only of a person’s Right to Privacy and their Right to keep their sexual proclivities to themselves as well as their freedom’s and Liberty which Obama is suspending and which will not easily be restored if “Big Government Hillary” is elected?

This is most unfortunate for America although Obama’s own bent intellect and psychosis are and have been on display to the entire world and that’s lamentable.

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