Here’re the election results in a format that illustrates which race elected Obama.

At first it might look like Blacks elected Obama because they voted 93% for him. Look closer and use some arithmetic. Here are some hints.

Start with the total number of voters, 124 million. White voters are 72% of that and White Obama voters are 39% of the 72% which is 35 million Whites for Obama. Mutatus Mutandi The 93% blacks are 15 million and the 71% Hispanics are another 9 million. That’s only 59 million . Obama got 64 million votes but more than half, 35 million, were from white voters. Without the white voters there were not enough other voters to beat Romney. White People elected Obama. Why are the other races trying to take the credit away from the white people?

Actually, Obama was elected by a sub-class of White Voters, White Liberals but they must feel guilty about it so they are keeping it a secret.

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