Scott Petri got into the State House 14 years ago because he ran unopposed but that’s not happening this year in his run for Congress. A formidable opponent has literally parachuted into the 8th Congressional race for U.S. Congress. That’s because Brian Fitzpatrick’s resume is so strong and the Fitzpatrick a big vote-getter that Scott Petri should concentrate on getting back into the State House in Harrisburg.

As expected, Brian announced ahead of the start of the January 26th signature gathering period that he’s running for his brothers seat in Washington. Big brother may try for the U.S. Senate when Bob Casey’s term is over. That would be a feather in the Congressman’s cap and a real fitting way to extend his political career that began when Bucks County Republican Chairman Harry Fawkes plucked Mike out of obscurity and appointed him County Commissioner.

Mike has been hugely popular in Bucks County gathering over 70% of the vote in his last two elections. Brian doesn’t have to do that good, -he only needs one vote more than the next highest opponent in the April 26th Primary. The question is will the Fitzpatrick name help him as much as it’s helped his older brother Mike. If so, Scott Petri would do well to back up his congressional race by getting his name on the ballot for State Assembly in addition to his run for U.S. Congress, instead of risking it all in a Kamikaze run for Congress. That may make him look greedy to the voters because his name will be on the ballot twice.

Petri has been enormously popular in Bucks so it’s a bit of a gamble for Brian Fitzpatrick to take on such a popular State Representative.

The joker in the deck is Pat Poprick who can advise her Republican Committee to support Petri, Fitzpatrick or neither. She can’t have it both ways. The big money bet is Fitzpatrick but neither can count on Poprick who has her own agenda. 

The final wild card is Clare Risoldi who helped all of the Republicans in Bucks County however she’s been abandoned because of her legal problems. But Risoldi has the most valuable Rolodex in Bucks.

Knowing all that, what are the odds?

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