She’s a belle who’s been saved by Barack but 100’s of FBI agents have been pouring over her espionage storage computers and servers and so far she’s jailbait. Judge Andrew Napolitano has listed the laws she’s violated as well as her Satanesque middle finger to the rest of the people. HERE.  He says the case against Hillary is “Overwhelming, Damning and Grave”. Indeed she’s been the Mistress of Espionage, Deception; Conspiracy, Coverup and Counter-attack all her adult life.
Here’s how Napolitano made his case: “if she retained on her personal email account using the Clinton server at her home … classified materials, classified documents, she arguably violated the same statute that General Petraeus has agreed that he will plead guilty to which prohibits retaining classified information in a non-government non-secured way.”

“That’s a misdemeanor. It’s not a felony. There’s no grand jury. There’s no trial jury. But the punishment is up to a year in jail and $100,000 fine for each document.”

“The other way that she’s in trouble is a person who knowingly and willfully destroys or conceals government records. This is a felony punishable in jail by up to three years. And are you ready for this? — Disqualification from holding public office under the United States of America in the future.”

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