Here. See how Toya Graham, a real parent handles her rioting teenage son. The woman’s a Hero, capital “H”. More mom’s should act the way she did. Beat her teenager upside his head for going all goofy, wearing a mask and joining hoodlums. She caught him with a rock in his hand and put some whoop-a** on him. Even better were the explanations she gave this morning on TV. (Here). H-E-R-O.

Yeah, we all get it about Freddie Gray. A murder, plain and simple. A murder by police. that’s no reason for breaking windows, running into stores and stealing whatever’s in sight. That’s criminal behavior. That’s the message of Liberalism w that taught the mom’s teenage son that it’s OK to rob, cheat and burn because you are oppressed because white people used black people for slaves.

What about Egypt where the Africans used the Jews for slaves? Does that mean Jews are oppressed by Blacks today?

A black guy’s in the White House. That should count for something. A black guy’s the Attorney General and a black woman’s replacing him. Why doesn’t the teenager get that? Here’s why. Liberals.

Liberals tricked black people into believing they’re victims of oppression. Eric Holder believes it. He believes he was stopped while driving because America is a racist nation. Got that? The teenagers in Baltimore think they are supposed to riot to show they don’t like being oppressed and their proof is that six generations ago some white people had slaves.

the so-called Baltimore Riots are simple robberies and arsons. the Baltimore Mom had more sense than her teenage boy. Maybe he has a live-in dad. Probably not which is why the Baltimore Mom gets even more praise. She’s handling has son the right way and a follow-up is where’s the baby-daddy?

The Liberal Welfare State got her in the lousy position of raising her son on her own. The Libtards convinced her it’s OK to have kids without the father hanging around and while there’s always to possibility the baby-daddy is living at home with her, it’s only a remote possibility.

The Baltimore Riots are a tragedy for the people who have to remain and live in the burned out neighborhoods. Those are the only people who get a really bad deal because of the Liberals.

Plus, all the destruction costs money. So do all the extra police and other city and state workers. Someone has to pay for all that. Even if’s it’s cost-shared all over the place, there’s still millions of lost money because some stupid people, whipped up to a frenzy by the Liberals. Blame the riots on the rioters but make sure the blame is placed on the shoulders of the Liberals who are behind the mess.

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