They started long ago, when they were children and were told by their religious leaders about their enemies. Ted Cruz whose father was an evangelical pastor who had a come to Jesus moment after he left Ted’s mother, had his visions and came back.

In all four Quinnipiac University polls taken in Iowa before the election since late June, Trump has underperformed among born-again and evangelical Christians. He’s earned 16 percent of the born-again/evangelical vote, on average, compared with 24 percent with everyone else.

That was a big deal in Iowa, a state in which 57 percent of caucus-goers identified as born-again or evangelical Christians, (extreme Christians), in 2012. It skewed the Republican voters away from Trump and “Evangelical” Cruz was there with his crucifix to sweep them in. That won’t work in secular New Hampshire because while evangelical voters are mostly Republican, most Republicans care more about the secular, real world values of Trump. .

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