According to Wikipedia’s definition: Left-wing terrorism (sometimes called Marxist–Leninist terrorism or revolutionary/left-wing terrorism) is terrorism meant to overthrow capitalist systems and replace them with socialist societies. When you hear local Democrat politician Steve Santarsiero calling for more regulation, more taxation, expanded Background Checks against the words and spirit of the Second Amendment you are in the danger zone of Socialism, the Marxist-Leninist ideology.

In 2013, Santarsiero introduced HB 1010, to prohibit intrastate long gun purchases in Pennsylvania. The bill has been drawing support from Left-Wing groups: Cease Fire PA, Bucks Safe and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Santarsiero’s anti-American regulation of firearms is opposed by: the Second Amendment Action Group, the National Rifle Association, Woman Warriors, The Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep and Bear Arms, JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP, Gun Owners of America, The National Association for Gun Rights and Revolution, USA, a super-PAC run by FORBES columnist Lawrence Hunter who was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Santarsiero is against Fossil Fuel, especially Pennsylvania coal. He wants natural gas to be more expensive therefore less useful. Santarsiero wants more regulation and higher taxes against Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing. In 2012, he introduced H.B. 2414 which has measures to increase drilling costs, prohibit drilling within thousands of yards from from water sources, even if the water is uphill from the drilling. Water as we know doesn’t flow uphill but Santarsiero doesn’t care as long as his left-wing regulations stop the drilling. His HB 2414 was a part of a 6 piece legislative package known as the Marcellus Compact sponsored by Pennsylvania Democrats so government can tax, regulate and control the natural gas industry. The key word is Control, which fits the definition of Marxist style government.

Campaign Finance
Santarsiero wants to eliminate the Right of Free Expression especially the amount of money you or anyone can donate to political causes like Civil Rights activity or to local elections. The PA House had the common and good sense to vote agaisnt his left-wing proposal so he reintroduced his resolution two more times. The U.S. Supreme Court rightly ruled in Buckley v. Valeo (1976) and later Citizens United (2010) that money is a form of political speech and thus protected by the First Amendment so Santarsiero is against the First Amendment.

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Good News:
It will take perhaps as many as 200,000 votes in Bucks County to beat Brian Fitzpatrick who will garner that many votes because 2016 will be a well-attended election in PA. Democrats will want to vote against Bernie Sanders and Republicans will turn out in unprecedented numbers to vote for Donald Trump. Santarsiero will be fortunate to get as many votes as Kevin Strouse did, 84,767, when he challenged Mike Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick received 199,379 votes in the last Presidential Election when he ran agaisnt Kathy Bockvar, the wifo of the attorney who defended cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal

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