Promising America will be safer by approving a law making it: “harder for people to buy powerful assault weapons like the ones that were used in San Bernardino”. Obama proves he fell for the anti-Second Amendment argument that fewer guns mean violent people will throw cupcakes and sugar plums at victims thereby making it easier to stop violent people.
The evidence is clear and increases everyday that

    “More Guns mean Less Crime”.

(that’s the title of a book.) Obama reads so he must know that. He should know how the NAZI’s disarmed the German people when Hitler came to power and the effects that had on making it easier to send millions to the concentration camps.

Obama should know about the courageous Second World War Bielski brothers who saved countless lives in Poland arming people so they could return fire to the NAZI’s.

Here’s how to disarm the people. First, the regime engages in a campaign to convince the masses to love and trust the benevolent, all-providing government and its charismatic leaders. (Like Obama). Second, the regime takes effective control of the media and academia to promote the regime and its programs. (The Liberal Agenda). Third, the regime isolates, marginalizes and polarizes all enemies of the regime. (the NRA comes to mind.) Finally, after neutralizing the ability of the opposition to mount any effective political resistance, the regime incrementally passes gun control laws, with the ultimate objective of disarming ALL citizens—for the alleged good of the country.

History teaches citizens should not trust any politician or government that seeks to disarm law-abiding citizens and remove their ability to resist tyranny. While Obama may seem benevolent, evil Terrorists may later take control and use the same laws to oppress opponents. How can we identify the modern tyrant? He is the demagogue (Obama) who seeks to take guns from law-abiding citizens. Remember: Laws don’t control criminals. They ignore them so everybody knows no one can take the guns away from criminals. Beware tyrants (Liberals) who would control and, later, confiscate guns in the name of good.

Indeed, “[t]he very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil . . .they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” So said George Washington. Guns are, indeed, the symbol of freedom and goodness. Too bad Obama doesn’t care too much about America, Freedom or Liberty.

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