Obama is flapping his gums about a problem that’s so minor it isn’t measurable. THERE’S NO ISLAMOPHOBIA IN AMERICA. American’s aren’t concerned about Muslims in our midst. We see some women in burka’s at Wal-Mart’s sometimes but we see them as curiosities, not enemies of America but the crapweasel President supports Islam more than Christianity or Judaism so he invented a problem and now he want’s to solve the problem that’s mostly in his own mind.

He knows Muslims have attacked America and Europe in several spectacular mass murders and terrorist attacks and to him it means people automatically hate Islam because he hates certain groups himself. His constant harping about black oppression by the police and oppression of Islam are not on most American’s radar screens because by far the vast majority of American’s don’t hate black people or Muslims. Sure, some people have wrong ideas about black people and Muslims but some people believe in aliens and UFO’s too.

Obama is the best gun salesman because under his administration more people bought more guns than in any other presidential administration because people aren’t stupid and people do not feel safe under Obama.Post-Paris, he presented himself as a clueless clown railing on climate threats, but the San Bernardino slaughter was a game-changer for Americans. A methodical, well planned Islamic attack here at home at a Christmas party sent a very powerful message to the American people: you are not safe anywhere with our President aligned with the jihad force.

Obama, despite the complicity of his running dogs in the media, has lost control of the narrative. He called Fort Hood “workplace violence.” He ignored the jihad slaughter in Garland, Chattanooga, Paris, the Russian jetliner and UCMED. He called the Islamic State a junior varsity team. He has blood on his hands.

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