He’s hyper-educated, a nice individual but Politically Ignorant. He doesn’t know how many polling places there are in Bucks County so how can he appeal to the voters at the polling places who come to vote on election day?

He seems not to have anyone in his political organization so there’s no one to stand in front of the polling places on election day on his behalf.

He’s a doctor so he’s smart enough to figure out how to get elected but he has little in the way of experience about how to do it. He’s a believer in the mystical basis of the universe because his idea is he should be elected because he’s right on the issues.  That has almost nothing to do with winning an election.

Neither stupid nor naive but about politics he has nowhere near enough information to get himself elected to the U.S. Congress. In addition he’s running against a powerhouse Republican who has so many people helping him that a very savvy PA State Representative, Scott Petri angrily withdrew because he knows what he would be up against in a primary election against Brian Fitzpatrick. Representative Petri was angry because he did his homework before announcing his plan to run for Congress including asking the appropriate people if they were going to run but asking the Congressman if his brother who had the identical surname would run didn’t occur to him.

Dr. Duome on the other hand hasn’t a clue about the political process except for his intention which he believes will be sufficient to win. It won’t be.

The good doctor has a list of problems with Obamacare. He has some ideas about how to fix some of them but another doctor in the audience who knows scads about elections refuted some of Dr. Duome’s ideas. The doctor rudely tried to belittle another man who pointed out how powerful the Republican Committee is in Bucks County. He pointed out to Duome that Duome needs what he doesn’t have if he wants to win. That would be about $6-800,000.00 and a political education.

Duome hasn’t the foggiest idea of how difficult it is to, at minimum, stand in front of a polling place on Primary Election Day and attempt to get those who are there to vote to listen to him or to read what’s called a Palm Card that he would try to get them to accept and read. The Republican and the Democratic parties print up a separate palm card for every election district and they have two committee people for every polling place to give them out on election day.

To repeat, Duome knows not where the polling places are in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. Now that he knows that he doesn’t know, he is willfully, woefully ignorant if he continues to waste our time on an underfunded, un-organized, ill-conceived campaign for Congress. Duome isn’t ready for it.

There’s more to getting elected than a good heart, good intentions, sufficient information about the issues, money, and a campaign manager. One also needs a powerful organization. That’s part of what Duome lacks.

There’s no point wishing Dr. Duome luck. He needs more than luck. He can help the voters by withdrawing.  

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