President Obama embarassed hinself by appearing on another comedy show. Last night, during a political campaign for President, Obama appeared ont The Tonight Show.

He is Desperate. Unserious. Scripted. As Dick Morris described him, a Used-Up politician. What’s next? A discussion in the oval office with Big Bird?

Obama is the President. Whenever he appears he symbolizes a set of values and virtues but Leno, Letterman and the shallow four Liberals of “the view” lower his image. Obama makes American’s with dignity blush because as adults, with what they learn while growing up, they come to understand there are good manners and low manners. There are limits to dignity. There are places for comedy. There are bad decisions with consequences.

Even during a political campaign. especially one for President, a politician displays a set of values. Clearly there is someting missing in this man’s epistemology.  

Imagine how happy al-Quida feels this morning as they laugh at the American President who is showing the world why they need not fear nor respect America because the foolish Commander in Chief has less dignity then a camel. Without the diligence of so many Americans like Chris Stevens, the murdered Ambassador to Libya for whom Obama failed to provide a military security team as al-Quida walked into the American Consulate and burned an Honorable America to death, al-Quida would feel free to kill more Americans. Do they call Obama a friendly name like al-Bhama as they plot to murder and attack America?  

We cannot support human dignity abroad by deserting it at home.

No wonder Michelle almost left him. America held captive by al-Quida and the Big Bird is on a desperate, irrevelent comedian’s late-nite show does not enhance America’s image in the Middle East.

Even Leno get’s it. His comedy writers had him say; “*We are very excited to have the President of the United States on the show tonight. It’s a real treat — he only does these shows once or twice a week.” Desperate is as desperate does.

Romney, a man who lives his good values, knows he need not descend to Obama’s level to grovel for votes. 

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