Rush called it another Left Wing Conspiracy and it was, from the highly biased report, below by the L.A. Times, an Extreme Left Wing Newspaper that cannot be relied on to report the news because they constantly distort the events to favor Obama. Some wing-nut reporters decided to gang up on Romney. They collaborated and schemed to give the appearance “everyone” is asking why Romney commented on the Libyan diplomat murders instead of acting in their individual capacities and truely representing the news outlets that pay them for their individual services. They represent themselves as reporters. They should not act like newsmakers or as distorters of the actual news events. If they want to collaborate and use one reporter to front their left wing views they shouldn’t deceive people by appearing to be independent which at least means independent of each other. Instead of asking a broad range of questions they reworded the same question and kept asking it over and over to try to get Romney commit a gaffe like Vice President Biden does. No one will stop them if they want to run for office and make news but they should not get together to act as a mob, with one single question that they will re-word seven times and that they all will join together asking. That’s at least deceptive. It’s dis-honest and at worse it’s a complete mis-use of a press conference to further their agenda to help Obama get elected yet again and prevent Romney and Ryan from being elected.,0,2719146.story

These tactics and these people distort history.

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