The new Northampton Republican Water and Sewer Board still has five Republicans. One old Republican left and one new Republican was appointed. But Chairman Albano is one of Supervisor Komelasky’s appointments and  the other three old Republicans are  cronies of Albano and Komelasky. So expect the old lack of dignity to continue with even more disrespect and hostility towards the citizens who speak out against the constant erosion of the trust given to this rogue Authority. Proof? The $1.8 Million Dollar force main being paid for by the ratepayers to benefit a Toll Brothers developement of 40 homes at Hatboro road. It’s billed as a solution to Sanitary Sewer Outflows, SSO’s but unless it’s built the DEP will not approve Toll’s plan so Toll would  not be able to build the 40 homes. When is the last time you remember being forced to pay $45,000 per home to get a developer’s sewer plan approved? (Hint: It never happened before.) Then there is the special Tapping Fee of $0.00 being charged to Toll for each new home when the Authority just charged each West End home $10,000 per home. This is indeed a Rogue Authority that continues to act crazy. It should be closed.  

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